Sound Investigation 4: Stephen Fry’s Joy Of Gibberish

What I learned about sound trough this podcast is.. that gibberish plays a huge role in music. Many hits over the years use gibberish. It is mainly used in Du-op and Skat. Also nursing rhymes and kids shows shch as the Telitubes and Pingu use gibberish because that’s what babies speak. I also learned theres a difference between gibberish and nonesense.

This knowledge can generate an idea for a piece of writing by writing by making the listener further want to learn about how fascinating babies really are, I got this really really silly idea for example… what if.. babies know why we exist on this earth, why the universe was created but they just cant communicate it with us. Maybe gaga bagata ugu means “Silly human, can you not understand the utter importance of my message”. Then they learn a word of English and poof, the knowledge is gone.


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